The greatest need for a contractor today is in the most broad GL coverage he can find for the best price. We can entertain contracting risks that are single person artisan contractors all the way up to large General Contractors, project policies and homebuilders.

Again, it is our broad and deep knowledge of this class of business that allows us to provide your client with the best coverage for the best price. The choices are many in this class of business, but all carriers don't fit well with all types of contractors. Knowing the policy forms is the key to placing your business correctly.

Sample Classes
-Equipment Service; Installation & Repair
-HVAC & Janitorial
-Real Estate Developers
-Temporary Staffing Agencies
-Most Artisan & Specialty Classes
-Site Preparation, Excavation, and Land Grading
-Street & Road
-Sewer & Gas



Available Coverage:

- General Liability
- Excess Liability
- Workers Comp
- Occurrence or Claims Made and Reported (up to 1/2/2 MM Limit)
- Prior Acts Available
- Unsupported OCP in all states
- Excess GL is Available over the GL and Auto

All Contractor Classes and Lines of Business will be considered.


- Completed Acord apps
- Currently Valued Loss Runs (if applicable)
- Completed Contractors Supplemental (if applicable)



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